Insights on Recruiting Trends: Talent Acquisition Directors and AI-Driven Hiring

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Talent acquisition remains a top-of-mind challenge for HR teams across all companies and industries. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI), one of many recruiting trends, can streamline this process for an efficient and successful recruitment campaign.  According to research from Zippia, 65 percent of HR managers currently use AI platforms to locate, screen, and hire new employees. What’s more, 96 percent of senior HR executives feel AI will enhance their talent acquisition and retention overall. Given this [...]

10X Digital to Present Recruitment Marketing Technology at Greenville SHRM Meeting

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GREENVILLE, S.C., (September 25, 2023) –– 10X Digital CEO Holly Rollins will be the featured presenter of an upcoming webinar focusing on the latest technologies in digital employment recruitment. Hosted by the Greenville chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management, the webinar will present one of the latest technologies –– programmatic advertising and marketing –– to help companies fulfill their workforce needs. Rollins’ company, 10 X Digital, is a full-service digital marketing and recruitment [...]

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