September 15, 2023

AI and Streaming Ads in Recruitment: A Guide for Talent Acquisition Leaders

Here’s some data that will come as no surprise—a recent survey found that almost 50 percent of HR managers rank talent acquisition and retention as their most pressing concerns. And to offset these concerns, acquisition experts everywhere are tapping into new technologies.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and programmatic advertising (streaming ads) are two innovations transforming the recruitment landscape. With this combination, you can build robust hiring processes that target both candidate experience and retention rates. 

How Can AI and Streaming Ads Work Together?

Streaming ads automate the process of buying and placing online advertisements. With this technology, you can skip over complex negotiations and manual insertions that ad placement requires. Streaming ads use precise algorithms to collect real-time metrics that dictate when and where to display a job posting, making the advertisement visible to ideal candidates.

And interestingly enough, AI software works particularly well with streaming ads. AI quickly accumulates large volumes of data to help you launch personalized, relevant streaming ads on platforms your target audience frequently visits. AI can also help your advertisements catch the attention of niche candidate segments based on location, skillset, experience level, or job search keywords. 

But what do both these tools look like in action? Here’s a preview of what they can do:

Artificial Intelligence and Talent Acquisition 

  • Locate the right talent with predictive analytics. AI makes finding job seekers with the ideal skills to thrive within your organization easier. Predictive analytics will evaluate the historical data of your previous recruiting decisions to reveal critical patterns in successful hires. 
  • Enhance your application and resumé screening. Manual talent screening is both time-consuming and prone to bias. Fortunately, AI tools can streamline that process by evaluating resumés, cover letters, or other application materials based solely on essential qualifications.
  • Use chatbots to automate candidate interactions. AI-powered chatbots are available to communicate with your target audience 24/7. These intelligent, conversational platforms can answer questions instantly to help candidates navigate each touchpoint in the job application.
  • Accelerate and simplify the first interview round. A job seeker fits all the criteria in their application, but in the interview, it becomes clear they won’t mesh with the role. AI can flag the leading contenders through preliminary chatbot interviews that measure each candidate’s response against pre-written specifications. 
  • Mitigate turnover with predictive attrition models. Once you hire talent, the goal is to retain them. AI can predict the risk of employee attrition in your organization based on metrics such as productivity, collaboration, morale, satisfaction, and performance. This information will help you take proactive measures to reduce turnover rates and establish a culture that your top recruits will choose to be part of in the long term.

Streaming Ads and Talent Acquisition

  • Target your job advertisements for optimal results. Streaming ads harness AI data to place your job listings on the virtual platforms most frequented by potential candidates.
  • Participate in real-time bidding to increase visibility. In less than a second, you can bid on prime online real estate to secure the ideal placement for streaming ads at the most reasonable times. This automation means your job listings will automatically be put in front of candidates when they’re most likely to interact with an advertisement.
  • Create a more cost-efficient advertising campaign. Automated buying makes it easier to save money. Recruiters can pre-set bid caps to fit within budget parameters so your organization won’t overextend. 
  • Use data-backed insights to refine your approach. Streaming ads collect valuable analytics to help you track the number of impressions, clicks, and conversion rates on each job listing you place. This data allows you to fine-tune the advertisement campaign to achieve better results and appeal to your target job seekers.
  • Personalize the candidate recruitment experience. You can combine streaming ads with AI chatbots to personalize the candidate journey. As a chatbot interacts, it will learn each candidate’s preferences and tailor the job advertisement to their needs. This customization will make your potential recruits feel valued. 
  • Reach diverse applicants and offer inclusive content. Real-time data collection also shows you which demographics are most likely to view—and resonate with—your job listings. This process will point out unconscious biases in an advertisement or job description so you can create more inclusive content to attract a diverse pool of candidates.

Combine AI and Streaming Ads to Boost Talent Acquisition

Artificial intelligence and programmatic advertising are not just standalone tools—they’re more effective together. Combining these approaches creates a fluid, seamless talent acquisition strategy to define, locate, recruit, and hire the right candidate to fill your job opening. To learn more about how this technology can streamline and optimize your recruitment methods, contact the team at 10x Digital. Our specialists offer many HR tips to ensure you are well-positioned to attract and retain qualified employees.