July 14, 2023

How to Define, Find and Hire Your Next Candidate

Finding the perfect candidate to join your organization is no easy task. We recommend an iterative, data-driven approach to your recruitment marketing strategy.

If you are tired of sifting through hundreds of not-so-perfect candidates, sitting through several rounds of interviews and often posting the job again when you don’t find who you’re looking for — this guide is for you. Here’s a quick and easy guide to developing an effective recruitment marketing strategy using advertising, content and social media. 

Defining Your Target Candidate

What makes a perfect hire? It’s the question that every HR professional and recruiter has tried to answer. But truth be told, the answer to this question depends entirely on a range of variables specific to your company and position.

Of course, it’s easy to determine the level of experience, education, and hard skills you’re looking for. But as any HR professional can tell you, abstract qualities can make one applicant stand out over another with the same qualifications. 

So, what qualities might make a candidate the perfect candidate for your company? Your list can include broad concepts such as interests, goals, ideals or soft skills. To hone in on specific qualities, consider what values best represent your company and its brand. 

Combine all these qualifications and qualities to create a clearly defined profile for the ideal candidate and create a job description based on that profile. Then, you’ll have completed your first step to finding the perfect candidate.

Finding Your Target Candidate

Just like how you wouldn’t search every ocean to find a tropical fish, it’s essential to go where you expect your ideal candidate to be. But how do you know where to look? 

Make no mistake; there are plenty of active candidates on regular job listing sites as well as social media accounts such as LinkedIn. However using 3rd party data to track down your ideal candidates and get in front of them is one of the best options. 

Hiring Your Target Candidate

Once you’ve zeroed in on where your best candidates might be, your recruitment marketing strategy should include both programmatic advertising and content marketing to get their attention. Some of the best content marketing tactics for recruiting include the following:

Social Media Posts

Give candidates a look into everyday life at your company through social media posts using industry-related hashtags. These posts can introduce candidates to team members, give prospects an idea of your company’s culture, offer testimonials from actual employees and much more.


Social media posts can offer a quick snippet of what it’s like to work for your company, but a lot can’t always be expressed in short-form content. Suppose you want to let potential candidates in on meatier information. In that case, you may want to create longer-form videos that highlight company events, detail company culture or introduce your CEO.

Blog Posts

A consistent, SEO-optimized blog page can work wonders for getting the attention of potential candidates. Team members can even write these posts, and offer insight into what your company does and what it’s like to work there. Blogs can also boost your company’s online presence and establish you as a distinctive voice in your industry.

Find Your Next Hire with 10X Digital

We hope this guide has helped you begin your ideation process for the perfect recruitment marketing strategy. But remember that you don’t have to do it all alone! Defining, finding, and hiring the best candidate for the job can be made easier with the help of 10X Digital. Contact us today to learn more about how we support recruitment efforts.