October 4, 2023

B2B Recruitment: AI and Streaming Ads for Talent Acquisition Managers

The competition for skilled professionals is fierce, and traditional recruitment is evolving to meet the new job market. Talent Acquisition Managers in B2B organizations are discovering that AI and programmatic advertising (streaming ads) can help them identify highly qualified candidates and persuade them to join their ranks.

B2B Recruitment Challenges

Before delving into the benefits of AI and programmatic advertising, it’s crucial to understand the unique challenges that B2B recruitment faces. In the B2B realm, talent acquisition managers need candidates with specific skill sets, industry knowledge, and a deep understanding of their niche market. 

Moreover, B2B recruitment often involves convincing passive candidates to leave their current positions and join a new organization. Passive candidates are not actively looking for a job but may be open to new opportunities if presented with the right offer. Identifying these candidates and enticing them to move requires a strategic approach that traditional methods don’t always satisfy.

AI-Powered Talent Sourcing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly become a game-changer in B2B recruitment. AI-powered tools can sift through vast pools of candidate data, including resumes, online profiles, and social media, to identify individuals with the desired qualifications. 

Additionally, AI can help predict a candidate’s likelihood of accepting a job offer by cross-checking the candidate’s skills and requirements against the job position, providing valuable insights for talent acquisition managers. This predictive capability enables recruiters to focus their efforts on candidates who are more likely to join the organization, improving the overall efficiency of the recruitment process.

Programmatic Advertising for Talent Engagement

Programmatic advertising takes the power of AI a step further in the B2B recruitment process. This technology leverages AI to automate and optimize the placement of job advertisements across various digital platforms. Talent acquisition managers can use programmatic advertising to target specific demographics, job titles, and even individuals with particular skills or experience.

One of the critical advantages of programmatic advertising is its ability to engage with passive candidates. For example, if a candidate frequently reads industry-related content online, programmatic advertising can strategically place job advertisements on the platforms they frequent, increasing the chances of catching their attention.

Furthermore, programmatic advertising allows for personalized messaging. Instead of generic job postings, talent acquisition managers can craft tailored messages that speak directly to candidates’ aspirations, addressing their unique career goals and concerns. This personalization level can significantly boost the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns, making candidates feel valued and understood.

Convincing Candidates to Make the Leap

Identifying highly qualified candidates is one thing; persuading them to accept a job offer is another challenge. Here’s where AI and programmatic advertising can work in tandem to make a difference:

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can engage with candidates in real time, answering their questions, providing information about the company culture, and even conducting initial interviews. These AI-driven interactions create a seamless and convenient experience for candidates, showcasing the organization’s commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Programmatic advertising can also play a crucial role in persuasion. Programmatic advertising platforms can adjust the messaging strategy in real time by continuously analyzing candidate responses and interactions. For instance, if a candidate expresses concerns about relocation, the platform can immediately tailor the messaging to emphasize the organization’s relocation support program.

Level Up Your Recruiting Technology

The marriage of AI and programmatic advertising in B2B recruitment transforms how talent acquisition managers identify, engage, and convince highly qualified candidates to join their organizations. As B2B competition continues to intensify, organizations seeking top-tier talent must stay ahead of the curve with AI and programmatic advertising. To learn more about how you can integrate these tools into your recruiting strategy, contact a member of our expert team at 10X Digital today.