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Welcome to 10x Digital – Your Healthcare Recruitment Marketing Partner

Are you struggling to find and hire healthcare professionals, especially in today’s competitive job market? At 10x Digital, we understand the unique challenges that healthcare organizations face when it comes to recruiting top talent. That’s why we specialize in recruitment marketing for the healthcare industry, using cutting-edge strategies in SEO and programmatic advertising to connect you with the healthcare professionals you need.

Our Expertise in Healthcare Recruitment

At 10x Digital, we bring together a team with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and extensive experience in digital marketing. Our experts are well-versed in the nuances of healthcare recruitment, which means we can tailor our strategies to address your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to hire physicians, nurses, or any other healthcare employees, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

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Targeted Approach for Optimal Results

Recruiting healthcare professionals requires a targeted approach. That’s why we use advanced techniques to identify your ideal candidates based on geography, demographics, and streaming channels. By focusing on the right audience, we ensure that your job opportunities are presented to those who are most likely to be interested and qualified.

Leveraging the Power of AI

In today’s digital age, efficiency is key. We harness the latest in AI technology to streamline your recruitment marketing efforts. Our AI-driven solutions help you communicate efficiently and specifically with the right job candidates, minimizing waste in your marketing budget. This means you get more value out of every dollar you invest in recruitment marketing.

Why Choose 10x Digital?

  • Healthcare Expertise: Our team understands the healthcare industry’s unique challenges and can create tailored solutions to meet your recruitment needs.
  • Targeted Marketing: We employ data-driven strategies to target the right candidates, ensuring your job opportunities reach the most relevant audience.
  • Efficiency: With AI technology at the forefront of our approach, we eliminate wasteful spending and maximize the impact of your recruitment marketing efforts.
  • Results-Driven: We measure our success by your success. Our goal is to help you find and hire the healthcare professionals you need to thrive.

Time and Cost Savings – Average Cost of Recruiting Candidates $1600 vs. $4700+

Our track record for engaging and converting candidates is many times much faster and less expensive than typical recruiting methods. For example, one client was able to recruit four prime candidates in one month at an average cost of $1600 per candidate versus the average cost of recruiting, hiring and onboarding the average professional at $4700 (Society of Human Resource Management, 2022)

Partner with 10X

Don’t let the challenges of healthcare recruitment hold you back. Partner with 10x Digital, and let us help you take your recruitment efforts to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your healthcare organization in attracting top talent efficiently and effectively. Together, we can transform your recruitment strategy and drive 10 times the results!

Healthcare Case Studies

Trustpoint Rehabilitation – Recruiting RNs & PTs

Trustpoint Rehabilitation’s internal recruiting team needed help finding local quality candidates.

Since partnering with 10X, they have seen a significant influx of qualified candidates after running a local OTT/CTV advertising campaign focused on recruiting registered nurses and physical therapists within their specific DMA. They are now 100% staffed on registered nurses and have shifted budgets to advertising to physical therapists after just 3 months!


  • 5.7M impressions from July 2023 to present
  • 2,613 engagements on the hiring site (careers page, benefits pages, individual job pages, application pages, etc)
  • .1% conversion rate of all website visitors

Dental Recruitment – Active Dentists From Competitors

Dental client wanted to recruit active dentists from competitors so they partnered with 10X to run a programmatic advertising campaign targeting their specific niche audience. 

Budget: $6080 over 7 weeks (campaign still active)

KPIs to date:

  • 789 visits to website
  • 524 visits to “Dentist Jobs” page
  • 78 clicks on paid Google/Facebook campaigns
  • 7 Application Submissions (and counting!)

Cleveland Clinic Tobacco Recovery Series – Public Health/PSA

A state public health department wanted to reach smokers and tobacco users with a PSA to let them know about a program to help them quit. The department ran a 2 month programmatic advertising campaign to generate awareness of their service and drive traffic to their website. 

The campaign was hyper-targeted to reach smokers that were ready to quit, actively trying to quit or that knew they should quit at some point in the future. The viewers were targeted through CTV ads and then retargeted with Encore Display retargeting ads that included a CTA to drive them to the website.

Following the campaign, a comprehensive brand lift study was conducted to prove the effectiveness of the messaging by measuring brand awareness, brand favorability, message association and purchase intent.


The results of the campaign were much higher than that experienced by most of the competing services and products that use national campaigns, including well-known prescription drugs.


  • 2,816 website visitors
  • 14.9% lift in brand awareness
  • 3.2% lift in purchase intent

Senior Living Recruitment- Registered Nurses for Assisted Living & Memory Care Residents

This senior living client needed help recruiting clinical and care staff for their assisted living and memory care departments so they partnered with 10X to launch a programmatic advertising campaign targeting a very specific audience. 


  • RNs
  • LPNs
  • CNAs & aides
  • Current senior living, hospital & healthcare employees who fit the above criteria

KPIs of the 2022 5-month campaign:

  • .16% conversion rate on 674k impressions = 478 Leads
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